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Pressure washing

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Jet washing,

can not only make your driveway, patio and garden paths look better, but also much safer too.

Over time brick or paving can build up a layer of moss and garden residue that can be very slippery when wet. Particularly in damp corners or under trees.

The only effective solution to remove this residue is jet washing or pressure washing the paving or driveway.

Tidy Garden All Year Round offers this service which includes all of the below:

  • Driveway cleaning - to make your drive safer and less slippery.
  • Patio washing - to completely transform the look and feel of your patio.
  • Garden path cleaning - to make paths safer.
  • Brickwork and walls - to remove the green moss residue from damp walls.
  • Gates, flower pots, stairs and steps - and much more.
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Pressure washing
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